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<p>X Media Lab Switzerland ‘Participation Culture’ is Switzerland's must-attend digital, cultural and creative industries event of 2012. <strong>Basel, Switzerland, 14-16 september 2012.</strong></p>

X Media Lab is the internationally acclaimed creative industries event. XML creates a meeting place uniquely designed to assist people and companies to realise unique new forms of interactive cultural content, through concept development, business matching, and direct access to world-class networks of creative professionals.


Switzerland is one of the world’s most innovative nations: the birthplace of the World Wide Web, the 3D microchip, and the home of CERN.  It is culturally diverse with a vast range of traditional customs and a thriving arts scene.  X Media Lab Switzerland highlights the intersections between the cultural, creative and technological – the interplay between the freedom of art and the precision of engineering and the participation of communities in creating fresh new and interactive forms of cultural expression. The focus of X Media Lab is always on you and your idea.


XML Switzerland ‘Participation Culture’ consists of two parts:


1) Pro Day Conference

There are no boring panels or Q&A sessions – just information rich keynote presentations from some of the world’s most acclaimed interactive media and participation culture visionaries. Innovations in technologies and the rise of the will and need to participate in culture are combining to create new stories, new platforms, new forms of interaction, and an expectation of collaborative creation and consumption.


A short-list of these new technologies would include:


– mobile and interactive media and communications devices;

– location based services (SoLoMo); computer game mechanics;

– social media;

– 3D;

– VR, AR and immersive technologies;

– content delivery systems;

– new artist’s tools;

– direct access to both world-wide and niche audiences.


Media professionals, cultural institutions, content creators and story-tellers of every description – authors, artists, activists, developers and advertisers – are now able to explode their imaginations and bring into reality untold new cultural forms, genres, and experiences – in direct partnership with their communities.


X Media Lab “Participation Culture” Pro-Day Conference brings 16 of the world’s leading experts to Basel to explore these new worlds, new platforms and new opportunities. This is a high intensity information download and relationship building conference for people who want to succeed in the digital age.



2. The Lab

The Lab represents an exclusive money-can’t-buy experience.  If you have a dream, our mentors have the knowledge, skills and contacts to make it a reality. 

The Lab is an intensive two-day creative ideas and mentoring workshop for selected teams to develop their own projects and ideas with one-on-one assistance from some of the world’s best digital media and participation culture experts.

The experience greatly increases the chances of bringing your unique digital culture project to life and achieving success.  It also provides access to an exceptional network of international digital media visionaries, each with their own unique set of skills and high-value contacts.


More Info: http://www.xmedialab.com

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