WAINOVA: World Alliance for Innovation

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To contribute to the world’s economic and social development by promoting innovation, technology transfer and the establishment of technology- and innovation-based companies.

The alliance links these key organisations and thus provides a global connection between their respective membership bases, offering opportunities for collaboration and networking.


Foster innovation, technology and knowledge transfer, and the creation of innovative companies.

Cooperate with other organisations and international institutions that have the promotion of economic, scientific and technological global growth amongst their objectives.


Encourage the creation of new science parks, technopoles and innovation-based business incubators, facilitate their networking and promote the establishment of the best management practices.

Increase the efficiency of the work carried out by all the organisations that participate in the alliance.

Distribute the benefits of this collaboration amongst the members of the organisations that participate in the alliance.


Facts & figures on the WAINOVA network:

Wainova is an alliance comprised of 26 associations. These associations and their members create links presenting a new cartography of innovation communities extended across 76 countries in the five continents of the world.

The WAINOVA network integrates close to 2,000 innovation places (parks and incubators).


Within WAINOVA’s extended network there are approximately 2.500 Research and Development Centres and over 2.5 million people.

The WAINOVA associations bring together well over 350,000 technology-based companies operating in parks and incubators.

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