Valencia Science Park mission: to link university research with the production system

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<p>The University of Valencia Science Park (PCUV) is an initiative to link university research and its scientific potential with the production system, promoting innovation as well as the creation and consolidation of technology-based companies.</p>

The PCUV offers its facilities and services to spin-offs from the University aiming to exploit research results generated within the University, as well as to small- and medium-sized technology companies that want to be situated within the University of Valencia sphere. Its objective is to contribute, in this way, to knowledge-based economic and social development.


The PCUV is divided into an academic-scientific area (where research institutes are located), and a business area (an Enterprise Hatchery and various buildings for companies, R&D laboratories, and technology platforms). The PCUV is part of VLC/CAMPUS, which is recognized as a Campus of Excellence by the Spanish Government.


The mission of the PCUV is to generate wealth, employment and wellbeing by housing innovative companies and helping entrepreneurs to consolidate their business initiatives based on knowledge. It has 6 research institutes, outstanding centres and scientific services, and houses more than 60 companies specializing in biotechnology, energy, information technology and communication, among other things. It is where the University of Valencia realizes its third mission, the social function of knowledge, securing the consolidation and internationalization of various projects.


The Science Park’s target companies can be divided into the following groups:

1. R&D intensive companies or institutions.
– R&D departments in large companies.
– Innovative small and medium-sized enterprises who could carry out all their business activities in the Science Park, provided they comply with its standards (environmental and others) and include R&D.
– Joint R&D activities carried out by several companies within a subsector Research Association or other type of organisation.


2. Recently set up spin-off companies created in some by University graduates and teaching staff that could be based within an enterprise hatchery or incubator.


3. Large companies, leaders in R&D, whose example could act as an incentive for other investment, provided they are willing to locate a significant part of their innovation activities in the Science Park.


4. Companies or institutions providing enterprise services to clients within and outside the Science Park in two areas: 
– Technical services: related to quality control, industrial design, standardisation, technology transfer, etc. 
– Other services related to business innovation, not necessarily in technology fields, such as marketing advice, financial engineering, legal consultancy, etc.



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