Urban Contest: where interests and lifestyle are co divided

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<p>Urban Contest is born three years ago on initiative of three creative: Gabriele Bondanini, Rocco Schiavone e Laura Matarazzo, finding its creative physiognomy in the operating “21 Grammi”.</p>

In practice UC is a candidate to catalyze energies and experiences, not only in Rome, with the aim of making the physical location (cities, districts, wards) and also virtual places (the web, social networks, media) valid instruments of human development.


The company created by UC is based on slogans; “coloured”, because it monitors all forms of contemporary art; “conscious”, because it follows the news closely; “committed”, because it promotes solidarity and no-profit; “thoughtless”, because it informs and suggests ideas for leisure time, “multiplatform”, because it shares, interacts and participates on various levels of

The aim is to bring the power of this community in the thin boundary among environment, culture, energy, architecture, urbanism, history and tradition, where the value and strength those essential elements in human life can find expression and mould. To achieve its aim UC organizes and takes part in initiatives that see in the “urban challenge” their ideal scenery.


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