Umbria Innovazione: implementing innovation defining new business models

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<p>Umbria Innovazione supports Umbrian companies in all phases of implementing innovation: from identifying innovation needs, planning, finding technology partners and expertise, through mentoring for project management.</p>

Developing Innovative Solutions, or rather,bringing together experiences, comparing and defining new models on Umbria Innovazione’s blog Show off important experiences in innovation, creative companies and interesting projects in the BEST PRACTICE section. Share materials and innovation pathways for developing, planning and using creativity for innovation, through the section CREATIVITY&INNOVATION.


Technology transfer means applying innovation, finding a way to improve a product or process through external expertise, exploiting an idea with a commercial partner to bring it to market  or performing joint research and development. Umbria Innovazione helps companies to find a sales channel to open new markets, to search for solutions or technologies from other countries, and to establish partnership and cooperation with companies and researchers all over Europe and beyond. 




Umbria Innovazione

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