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<p>TecnoCampus Mataró-Maresme is a science and innovation park in the town of Mataró, in the comarca (district) of El Maresme (Catalonia, Spain). It is promoted and managed by Fundació TecnoCampus Mataró-Maresme having originally been set up and developed by Mataró Town Council. The park’s governing bodies now include the main political, economic and social institutions of El Maresme.</p>

With its sights set on becoming a national and international project, TecnoCampus Mataró-Maresme (TCM) is the territory’s main prospect for making a decisive contribution to the area’s economic and social transformation. Together with El Rengle business estate, situated right next to the future science park, it is destined to become Mataró’s Knowledge District. The park’s provisional headquarters is in TCM 1.0, in the Vallveric area of Mataró. This building is also home to a dozen technology- and knowledge-based companies and foundations. The construction of the park’s new building is being managed by a municipal company, Mataró PUMSA, and is due to be completed by the third quarter of 2010.



TecnoCampus Mataró-Maresme’s mission is to act as the territory’s main driving force for creating, capturing, strengthening and retaining the talent necessary for the social and economic development of its area of influence. To achieve this, it fosters an entrepreneurial culture at all educational and training levels with business project incubation and pre-incubation programmes. The aim is to become a focus of attraction for business investment with a view to developing a science and innovation park that will make its mark in the university sphere.


Its priority lines of action, as far as sectorial specialisation is concerned, are wellness and health; tourism and leisure; audiovisuals; electronics, e-wellness and telemedicine; and smart textiles (smart fabrics, textiles with biotechnology and textiles with nanotechnology).


TecnoCampus is a member of the Technology Parks Network of Catalonia (XPCAT), the Association of Science and Technology Parks of Spain (APTE) and the International Association of Science and Technology Parks (IASP), among others.


Parque Científico y de la Innovación. TecnoCampus Mataró-Maresme

Av. Ernest Lluch, 32
08302 Mataró (Catalonia)

Phone +34 937 414 960

Fax +34 937 993 700


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