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Interactive Institute: data visualization, sustenaibility and entertainment

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The Interactive Institute is a Swedish experimental IT & design research institute that conducts world-class applied research and innovation. With pioneering spirit and courage, we challenge prevailing norms in technology and design. Our process is based on people’s future needs and potential with a vision to improve everyday life for a creative and sustainable society. The results are developed in close collaboration with industry and society.

Swedish ICT Research

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Swedish ICT Research contributes to growth, profitability and new business creation based on world leading research and development in the areas of ICT – Information and Communication Technology. Swedish ICT works in close cooperation with Swedish and international businesses and society, and with the international research community.

DAC: Digital Art Center

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DAC is a public center that highlights the interaction between creativity and new technology as a highly prioritized area of the future.Situated in a public space in Kista, the centre shows the positive effects arising from the combination of art, digital technology, science and multiculture in a concrete way.