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Innovation Sky selected among the top 22 tools of «EBN Tools Exchange Forum» (London)

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Innovation Sky, the creativity and technology virtual park created by Media Haka, has been selected among the top 22 tools that will be presented at the Tools Exchange Forum 2012 in London, 18-19 October. The Tools Exchange Forum 2012 is an exchange and collaborative platform designed specifically for BICs, Innovation-based Incubators, Accelerators, Science and Technology Parks, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centres.

The People Speak: Tools for the world to take over itself

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The People Speak makes it easy for people to talk to each other in fun and creative ways. From street corners to conferences, events, museums and schools, our tools help people get involved in the discussions that matter most to them. It offers an extraordinarily innovative and technologically exciting approach to socially engaged public art that enables ordinary people to feel energised, excited and fully involved in the process.



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Stanza is an internationally recognised artist, who has been exhibiting worldwide since 1984. He’s an expert in arts technology, CCTV, online networks, touch screens, environmental sensors, and interactive artworks. Recurring themes throughout his career include, the urban landscape, surveillance culture and alienation in the city. His mediums include; generative artworks, installations and performances.