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CRS4: centre for advanced studies, research and development in Sardinia

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The company pursues scientific research and technology development and innovation, delivers further scientific and technical education and training, and provides advanced services in the sectors of high-performance computing, scientific imaging, simulation, modelling, bioinformatics and ICTs in general. launches the first free QR social utility

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What’s a QR code?Strange pixilated squares have been popping up in magazines, outdoor ads and newspapers, but what many people donÊt know is that these pixilated squares are called QRs and can graphically reproduce a URL. QRs were once only available to big advertising firms, but now gives individuals the opportunity to have their own personal QR and manage it which ever way they want, for free.


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Per il 40° della facoltà di Economia “Marco Biagi” dell’Università degli studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia arruolato anche il noto imprenditore Mario Moretti Polegato. L’inventore del marchio Geox terrà a Modena una lectio magistralis su “Un’idea vale più di una fabbrica”. L’appuntamento giovedì 11 dicembre 2008 all’Auditorium della Fondazione Marco Biagi.