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iMAL: center for digital cultures and technology

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1999: the beginning: iMAL (interactive Media Art Laboratory), is a non-profit association created in Brussels in 1999. It was founded by individual artists, media producers, interactive designers, software engineers, and by NICC (a Belgian association of visual artists) with the objective to support artistic forms and creative practices using computer and network technologies as their medium.

Nadine: new media transdisciplinary experiments

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Nadine is an arts laboratory aimed at developing research focusing on transdisciplinary experiments in the fields of new media and live arts. nadine is a flexible and evolving project that doesn’t shy away from questioning itself, to be able to stay on top of the constantly changing needs of the artists.

Plateau: photonics innovation center

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Plateau is a knowledge, innovation and partnership portal to research and development of photonic technologies. Plateau’s mission is to facilitate the transfer of new, pre-competitive technologies in photonics to practical and/or industrial applications and the co-development of photonic solutions through interdisciplinary academic-industrial collaboration.

Cimatics: an experimental audiovisual networking

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Cimatics aims at supporting innovative experiments and outstanding productions in the fields of audiovisual and digital culture. Cimatics Platform is a framework for initiating and facilitating audiovisual productions, events, publications and workshops. Cimatics Festival focuses on presenting to a large and diverse public what is taking place at the cross-roads of art, media, music, design or technology.

KASK: Innovative teaching models

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The academy’s top-class educational standards are characterized by its high-level of teaching staff and researches working in close collaboration and mutual inspiration with students. Internationally acclaimed artists regularly fulfil teaching stints at the Royal Academy. Art critics, curators, and academics come to visit and lecture. Disciplines such as graphic and textile design, fashion, book illustration and web design draw the best professionals working in their fields at the moment.

Slow Down App, rallenta o spengo la musica!

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L’agenzia Happiness Brussel ha progettato la prima app «comportamentale» ovvero studiata per incidere con decisione su un comportamento individuale come la velocità di guida. L’idea nasce dall’osservazione che i giovani tendono a guidare troppo velocemente soprattutto quando ascoltano la loro musica preferita, aumentando molto il rischio di incidenti.


di Francesco Mizzau


The Slow Down App from OVK on Vimeo.