SMAU 2012: Social media and Web 2.0 for the promotion of Tech Parks and Incubators

In Haka Lab

<p>At SMAU 2012, Media Haka will hold the Workshop “The role of social media in the promotion of technology parks and incubators". presenting “Innovation Sky”, a new tool designed for the specific needs of technology parks and business incubators.</p>

Innovation Sky is a creativity and technology virtual park that supports business and research activities with services oriented to visibility, marketing, social media automatization, technology transfer and internationalization: the tool enables to drastically reduce the cost of these activities. The mission of the project is based on the principles of open innovation and knowledge transfer with the aim to added value to different niches of innovation ecosystems on a global scale, producing benefits at the local level in terms of dynamics of the economic fabric. The tool has been designed by Media Haka with the support of Tecnopolis Science Park (Bari, Italy) and the program for creative industries Creamedia (Barcelonactiva, Barcelona, Spain). The prototype of the tool won the «EBN DigiBic Award» 2011 (Toulon, France) has been selected among the top 22 tools of “EBN Tools Exchange Forum” in London (October 2012).

Innovation Sky is a tool powered by Media Haka with the support of Tecnopolis (Tech Park of Bari)

Media Haka is a Tactical Media Company focused on the analysis of complex systems and digital media. The team builds networks developing advanced cross-media formats, tools and contents for digital communities. Media Haka creates partecipative hyper-contexts (alternate reality, mobile apps, data-visualization, bookmarking, microblogging, geolocative technologies) supported by Innovation Sky, an interactive info scenario composed by 10 web platforms published in 10 languages, daily updated. Media Haka is based in Barcelona and works with the actors of the international innovation ecosystem. The startup was founded in 2010 thanks to the program CREAMEDIA Barcelonactiva (Barcelona Municipality). Read More

Tecnopolis promoted and now is managing the science and technology park Tecnopolis Novus Ortus located in Valenzano (Province of Bari, Puglia).From August 1, 2008 is a in-house company with the mission to design and manage programs for the ICT regional administration. The technologic park is located in Puglia, in southern Italy; in the last three years Tecnoplis’goal have been the participation to European Programs and Projects, in several activities toward production,enterprises, Public Administration, Local bodies, co-operative activities with the university and educational system and for the international cooperation. It has active programs, protocols, networks and partnerships with Mediterranean and European countries. Read More

SMAU 2012

Smau Milan, 17-19 October 2012 Fieramilanocity, is the most important international event for Information&Communication Technology designed to help main national and international suppliers of ICT solutions meet entrepreneurs, corporate and public administration decision makers and ICT channel operators: three days during which the cutting-edge technological novelties and benefits for businesses deriving from adoption of digital technologies will be presented. Read More

“Social media and Web 2.0 for the promotion of tech parks and incubators”

2012, October 17th 11.00 a.m

Area Regione Lombardia Pad. 2 – Fiera MilanoCity



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