SMART City Exhibition: the future of the city

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<p>SMART City Exhibition is the new exhibition arising from the partnership between FORUM PA and Bologna Fiere. A 3 days exhibition, from 16th to 18th October 2013 at Fiera di Bologna, characterised by meetings, workshops and much more. This initiative becomes a must in this particular moment where politics for smart cities is a national and European priority.</p>

Despite the opportunities of European funds and National announcements for smart cities and smart communities, it’s always more necessary to have a place where experts can meet and debate: the aim is building sustainable and far-seeing politics, useful to satisfy citizens’ needs in this particular moment.


The exhibition proposes a new vision of city characterised by: information flows, physical and digital relationships and communications networks, capability to create social capital, wellness for people and a best quality of life. SMART City Exhibition has many innovative aspects based on a high participation to qualified meetings and workshops, presentation of international scenarios, construction of a new shared culture aiming at transforming in a real project all those ideas and initiatives at an embryonic stage


SMART City Exhibition 2012 aims at:

SMART City Exhibition 2013 aims at:

– Developing a shared definition of smart city, showing the fundamental steps for a strategic and holistic approach; finding those sectorial politics and the relations among them and the steps to follow to implement them; explaining the role of technology on the basis of its three levels: ict platforms, vertical areas (education, health, welfare, environment, energy, mobility, etc…), peripheral devices, sensors.

– Fostering training meetings for public managers about themes on the cities of future.

– Finding and disseminating the best Italian and European experiences and determining the patterns.

– Collecting a set of documents about all aspects of a smart city in order to create a shared culture with the Central Government, cities, local authorities and companies to lay the foundations of new politics for smart cities.

– Debating on new patterns of procurement and public-private partnership that can allow far-seeing investments to improve urban life.

– Offering to citizens and to public opinion a report on progresses of innovation in cities with particular attention to accountability.


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