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<p><strong>The Rhizome ArtBase is an artist-driven, web-based archive of new media</strong> and digital art. It provides public access to a wide-ranging collection of significant works and serves as a platform for artists to share their work within a relevant context. Its purpose is pedagogical: to preserve, promote, and educate around this emergent field of practice. </p>

The ArtBase collects new media art objects that significantly utilize emerging technologies. It encompasses a vast range of projects by artists all over the world who employ materials such as software, code, websites, moving images, games and browsers to aesthetic and critical ends.

The ArtBase collection is primarily focused on archiving Rhizome commissioned artworks and other prominent and/or historically significant works at the discretion of Rhizome’s curatorial staff.

The web-based nature of the ArtBase requires that all artworks in the collection must be accessible via a live Universal Resource Locator (URL) on the Internet. While all artworks are automatically published to the artist’s portfolio, only artworks that meet the predetermined ArtBase Selection Criteria will be accepted into the ArtBase archive. Artworks that do not meet the Selection Criteria will only be available in the artist’s portfolio.

Rhizome adopts the term “art object” to describe the artwork and the metadata associated with the artwork. The ArtBase collection consists of two types of art objects: Linked Objects and Archival Copies. All art objects in the ArtBase are user and member submitted links to artworks stored and hosted on another server or archival copies of artworks stored and hosted on the Rhizome server.The ArtBase is free to browse. Rhizome Members have greater access and interaction with the works.

The ArtBase acquires art objects by artists submissions, annual commissions and special invitation. Consideration for acceptance into the archive is based on the ArtBase Selection Criteria (see below). Once an art object is accepted and entered in the ArtBase, it will be stored and maintained for as long as possible, unless the artist asks for the art object to be removed or a third party makes a credible claim of copyright infringement.

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