RadialSystem V: New space for arts in Berlin

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RadialSystem V

In September 2006, RADIALSYSTEM V was opened as a new creative space for the arts in Berlin. The concept of dialogue plays a key role at RADIALSYSTEM V: the combination of apparently opposed concepts leading to a result that exceeds the sum of its parts is reflected in the architecture of the building – its balanced synthesis of old and new elements, as well as the house’s involvement in the interaction of culture and economy.

It is also mirrored in the artistic programmes of the house, where early music interacts with contemporary dance, classical concerts are combined with new media and visual arts meet with live performance. Willing to take risks and to experiment without an elitist attitude, the art centre develops and tests new artistic formats.

Operational Concept

– Development: achieved during the rehearsal phase of productions, through research,     the creative process and individual work
– Education: by means of seminars, artists-in residence-programmes, master classes,
and the training of dancers, musicians, choreographers and children
– Networking: achieved through partnership with other cultural institutions, political and   business community, cultural industries, and direct contact with artists and the public
– Consolidation: through the conceptualization and integration of events and the               combination of fine art with modern, more popular art forms.
– Marketing: the house, active in the marketing of artistic productions, also uses the         building as a rental space for trade shows, symposia, film and television productions.

Holzmarktstr. 33
10243 Berlin
030 – 288 788 50

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RADIALSYSTEM V: New space for arts in Berlin
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