Polo Tecnologico di Navacchio: a local system of research to boost companies

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<p>The installation of tens of high-tech companies in a single, suitable and allocated site also allows for increasing economies of scale for the management of both structural and added value services and favours collaboration and co-operation between Polo and enterprises and the enterprises themselves.</p>

Polo Tecnologico was conceived with the aim of creating favourable conditions for increased competitiveness in the small and medium enterprise market by means of integration between the innovative requirements of these and the provision of technological knowledge originating from specialist centres and the research system. 


The local system’s technological development and scientific research allow the companies in the area to insert themselves in national and European research networks, concentrating enterprises in a single location who offer high quality skills and services to the advanced tertiary sector, thus creating a laboratory for new technologies and supporting co-operation processes between enterprises, research centres and universities.


Polo favours the setting up and growth of newly formed companies and supports the development of those already established prevailingly for the following sectors:

micro electronics
energy and environment


Polo offers qualified services for the technological development Small and Medium Enterprises using a model of integrated participation of companies, universities, business management, finance and technology experts. Polo encourages the quality improvement and appreciation of the business market in a complimentary way. Polo of Navacchio operates maintaining a very light management structure and through a series of controlled companies aimed at the improvement of services to encourage the diffusion and transfer of technological innovation to the companies.
The companies present within Polo are able to pursue their activities making use of equipped spaces and basic services; this is favoured by the opportunities of exchange and encounter between activities and companies with diverse but complimentary abilities.




Polo Tecnologico di Navacchio

Via Giuntini, 13 – 56023 Navacchio di Cascina (Pisa)




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