PITA: food technologies and renewable energies

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<p>The Almería Science and Technology Park (PITA) is born of a prime objective to become a driving force behind the economic growth of the Almería province and its primary sectors, a mission which is based on the promotion of knowledge transfer and the consequent implementation of new technologies that facilitate continued growth. Its focuses primarily on the development of the agricultural sector and other activities related to food technologies, the environment and renewable energies.</p>

The organisation has two locations: one, dedicated primarily to science, is on the Almería University Campus, while its technology park (or, technopolis) is situated in the area of El Alquián. The latter is strategically located given its short distance from the university and airport and its convenient access to the main motorway (Autovía del Mediterráneo). The PITA technopolis not only offers plots for sale but also adaptable offices and laboratories for companies and entities that wish to operate in the Park’s Main Building.


PITA aspires to become the core of Almería business in the Mediterranean by offering its modern facilities located in idyllic surroundings, along with advanced networks, easy road accessibility and the guaranteed support of all the Science and Technology Park’s services.


– Promote R+D+i among activities related to intensive agriculture.
– Contribute to its competitiveness and consolidation.
– Boost innovation in cutting-edge agricultural technology development.
– Encourage the diversification of the provincial economy.
– Achieve environmental excellence of productive areas, companies and organisations.
– Secure scientific and business sector integration.



The PITA Technology Park is most notably distinguished for its quality, spaciousness of facilities, low building density, and carefully controlled internal urbanisation guidelines.

Commitment to the environment: building designs that avoid unnecessary use of land, infrastructures that minimize consumption of natural resources but, at the same time, maximize usage of renewable energies, large protected land areas, and proper waste management.

Development designed to adapt to land type and provide the Park with the finest infrastructures; these include natural gas, purified water for irrigation, a telecommunications network comprised of three independent fibre optic networks (two for telecommunications operators and the last for internal management) and an advanced security system with IP cameras connected to a control centre located in the Main Building at PITA.


Parque Científico -Tecnológico de Almería (PITA) S.A.

Sede Científica. Campus de la Universidad de Almería.

04120 La Cañada de San Urbano

Phone +34 950 214 330

Fax +34 950 214 325



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