Cloud Computing Trends: NoSQL and PaaS

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<p>NoSQL and PaaS, are two trending topics in the Cloud Computing scenario.</p>


Considered by many as the future of database,  NoSQL (“Not Only SQL”) is a term for a class of non-relational database  that in other words break with the traditional relatable ACID data base. Names such as Cassandra, MongoDB, CouchDB and large applications such as Facebook, are already using this tool. In the  long run, experts bet on a NoSQL conversion with Big Data and the official entry of transactional databases such as Microsoft, Oracle and IBM.



As its name shows PaaS or “Platform as a Service ” is a Cloud Computing service that provides platforms that support the implementation and development of applications in several languages​​. In this model,  users can create their own software using  the server’s tools. Among the services offered  throughout the year we can list: web hosting and  resellers and names like Heroku, Cloud Foundry, Windows Azure and OpenShif strengthened their brands when it comes to “Platform as a service.”


Cloud Computing in Futurcom 2012

In 2012 topics like Cloud Computing: Debating the Market Evolution and Exploring New Business Opportunities in the Cloud, coordinated by Ana Paula Motta de Souza Lobo  will be part of the largest Congress of Telecom, IT and Internet in Latin America.

On Oct. 10 you can check: UCC in the cloud: mobility in a broader concept, with Charles Evandro Sola (Solutions Director for Latin America)

Big Data: Opportunities behind the large volume of data processed by carriers. with Fabio Yuasa Niizu (Business Intelligence Specialist)



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