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<p>If you have made up your mind to face the challenge of the digital age, we are ready to ally ourselves with you in the coming battle. Ninjas can be fearless warriors at your side during the long road towards the co-evolution of your brand and its areas of reference.</p>

Strategic – Creative consultancy

  • Digital Branding and Brand Development 
  • Strategic Planning for the digital era
  • Designing Viral-DNA ® for the product, for the brand and for media relations
  • Social Media Brand ID Building 
  • Web Marketing and Social Media Strategy 


Media Campaigns

  • Interactive Advertising 
  • Viral Marketing (video, advergames, widget, Facebook applications)
  • Social Media Marketing (social media management, communities creation and management)
  • Branded Entertainment (format cross media, sit-com, viral promotions, web movies)
  • Digital Promotions (online contests, advergames)
  • Mobile Marketing (mobile formats, games, applications)
  • Guerrilla Marketing (street marketing, ambient, news-making)
  • Retail Experience(temporary store, interactive point of sale) 


Campaign Distribution and Tracking

  • Campaign Seeding and web content (video, games, applications)
  • Buzz/Word of Mouth Programs (product testing and buzzing, blogger activation)
  • Blogosphere Relations and Digital PR (managing relations with network ‘influencers’)
  • Viral Tracking (video, games, applications)
  • Buzz Tracking (monitoring and anthropological analysis of online ‘chatter’)



Ninja Lab

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