Mobile Industries: Jetro presents 11 exciting Japanese companies

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EGOCREANET e collaboratori del gruppo ON-NS&A organizzeranno per la settimana della Scienza del Marzo 2009, un programma dibattito ed incontri sul tema "SCIENZA - ARTE: CONTAMINAZIONE NARRATIVA e TEATRALE" che si terrà nel quadro delle manifestazioni internazionali dell'anno in cui ricorre il quarto centenario della composizione del Sidereus Nuncius (1609), di Galileo Galilei.

11 promising Japanese companies from the mobile applications sector presented by Jetro at the Japan pavilion during the Mobile World Congress 2012.  JETRO, the Japan External Trade Organization, is an independent agency of the Japanese Government created to promote mutual trade and investment between Japan and the rest of the world.

ANALOG TWELVE is a leading mobile service creator that provides total coordination for the DIGITAL needs of your business with the highest and most refined ANALOG capabilities: inspiration, communication and design. Contents: Luxury brand, ebook, game, gourmet, travel, social media, GPS, finance and business with best-in-class and self-developed solutions.

ARARA: Augmented Reality smartphone app. The japanese company Arara develops, plans, creates, and produces “ARAPPLI”, a smart phone application for Augmented Reality. During the Mobile World Congress 2012 the company is located in the Japanese pavilion. The corporation philosophy is, “Using ideas and technologies, provide innovative services and build a useful and fun society which makes everyone happy”.

Bijutsu Shuppan Networks They are launching the cloud platform “;Dcloud” and are looking for global partners (wireless carriers; device makers; developers of mail, blog, messaging apps, etc.) to share their fun communication style with the rest of the world.

CRI Middleware is a developer of audio and video middleware and tools with more than ten years of history. During the 1990s, we were an important provider of the basic software and middleware to SEGA and its customers. Today, we are widely accepted by developers worldwide.

FeliCa Networks provides Sony’s contactless IC technology (FeliCa technology) to a wide variety of companies, including chip manufacturers, service providers, and telecommunications carriers in order to promote the spread of mobile phones mounted with FeliCa functions. We also take on board all kinds of feedback from end users to provide a service platform for Mobile FeliCa.

HeART BIT INC. for more than 10 years has been producing digital content for mobile phones, delivering more than 200 well-known Japanese anime characters. With this success they are now expanding and diversifying their business to include a home theme application tool «Sumaho?Change» for everyone to use, creating social games for mobile phones for worldwide release, distributing applications with Japanese Anime characters in Asian countries, and localizing foreign application titles for the Japanese market. developed jig browser, the world’s first Java full browser that makes it possible to view PC sites on mobile phones. Since then, has conceived, developed and offered revolutionary tool applications for mobile phone, and has won numerous awards.

mediba is a mobile advertising company, providing the Ad network for Smartphone «mediba ad». «mediba ad» is the leading Ad network for Smartphone in Japan. Fine media and apps join to «mediba ad» including apps which join to «au one market» ,being operated by KDDI.

milog is a small but highly skilled startup based in Tokyo providing monetization platform for Android™ developers. Its aim is to dominate global Android market with Japanese qualities. milog veered onto Android enterprise from website monitoring service and social application service in summer 2010. “Challenge the world with a pride of Japan” is their philosophy, «to establish a worldwide Internet company in Japan» is their mission.

SHIFT Inc. was established in SEPT. 2005 by Masaru Tange. They develop services around software’s QA. They are introducing 2 services:
a. ming-test, the crowdsourced testing service targeted for mobile game. This service holds the enthusiastic gamers as tester, so service can detect the bug on user-view.
b. Chat Perf, a powerful system of fourth dimensional experience. We present the “Proust effect”(scent evokes memory) for mobile technology.

MangaGet: the worldwide development of web manga. MangaGet is aiming to create an environment in which manga artists all over the world can deliver wholesome manga to manga fans throughout the world.


JETRO works to promote mutual trade and investment between Japan and the rest of the world. Originally established in 1958 to promote Japanese exports abroad, JETRO’s core focus in the 21st century has shifted toward promoting foreign direct investment into Japan and helping small to medium size Japanese firms maximize their global export potential.