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<p>milog is a small but highly skilled startup based in Tokyo providing monetization platform for Android™ developers. Its aim is to dominate global Android market with Japanese qualities.</p>

milog veered onto Android enterprise from website monitoring service and social application service in summer 2010. “Challenge the world with a pride of Japan” is their philosophy, “to establish a worldwide Internet company in Japan” is their mission.

milog decided to focus on the Mobile Internet and especially Android-based service. While the market share of Android is growing rapidly worldwide, it is less than five percent in Japan, which is exceptionally low.

The best and the only way for start-ups to change history is to oversee the next ten years and to focus on a particular investment. To follow this belief, they plan to expand business overseas in early stage, reform the administration, and regenerate the team to join this global business.


Venture Business Lab. Bldg. 3F, 1-1-1 Ishikawa-cho Ota-ku

Tokyo – JAPAN – 146-0061


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