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<p><strong>MEET THE MEDIA GURU is the meeting's program with international leaders</strong> in digital culture and innovation designed to the professional world and to the general public.</p>

Born in 2005, it has become a regular fixture of debate with the most prominent voices of the new media culture and innovation and has established itself as a point of reference for an increasingly community always searching innovative solutions and author’s visions.


The Media Library Santa Teresathe digital section of the National Library Braidense is the epicenter of digital culture in Milan and hosts since 2005, the entire festival.

MEET THE MEDIA GURU proposes projects and ideas to an audience interested into the impact of new technologies in different sectors. A cross-audience composed by professional communication and new media, design and fashion, art and cinema, and eco-social networking.


The platform tracks the Digital’s ways about: New models of Digital Communication, New Media, Social Networking, Interaction Design, Fashion Design, Art and Science, Entertainment and Entertainment, Environment, Economy…

It’s a project of MGM Digital Communication, an Italian company that encourages knowledge and use of new digital technologies of communication and image, and promotes cultural and business Italian companies abroad.

Meet the Media Guru 

Mediateca Santa Teresa, Via della Moscova 28 

Milano, Italia
+ 39 02 798760


Meet the Media Guru
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