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<p>Mediamatic Foundation is a cultural institution, interested in cultural developments that go hand in hand with new technologies, and in new technologies that cause cultural development. They organize exhibitions, salons, lectures, workshops and screenings and develop software and art projects.</p>

Mediamatic has been around since 1983. Due to a background in both art and theory, they have been able to provide a new, sometimes uncanny, but always surprising view of the world of modern media. They’ve produced magazines and CD-ROMs, and organize workshops, exhibitions, salons, dev camps and other get-together’s. has been an online social network since 1994. 

Artists, designers, researchers and other makers present and discuss their work. Lectures, performances, concerts, screenings, parties. In Mediamatic’s Atelier they research and develop different types of hard- and software, including (interactive) installations like the IkCam. Since 2006 they’ve been focusing on integrating RFID technology into experimental installations and games.

These projects work on- and with the social networks and community developed by Mediamatic Lab, with which Mediamatic Foundation works independently. Staff is formed by more than forty people: they work, organize, learn, produce, think and discover.

Vijzelstraat 72
3rd floor, suite 3.10
1017 HL Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 638 9901


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Originally Published 2011-09-04

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