Linkalab: Complex Systems Computational Laboratory

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<p>The laboratory  mainly deals with the application aspects of Complex Network Theory; has developed theoretical and calculation tools in order to work as a research service for P. A.s and companies showing Complex Systems Analysis problems.</p>

During the last 10 years, Complex Network Theory has proved to be a valid approach to the analysis of the most diverse phenomena: scientific, social and technological. Using these new powerful research tools it is possible to get pieces of information not obtainable with the traditional statistical methods.

The concept of «network» deals with economical and social phenomena as far as with scientific and technological ones: network structures offer a base for a wide range of dynamic behaviours. At the moment, Linkalab staff is working on 4 different research fields, whose variety shows the versatility of the Centre:

– Geographical Complex networks
– Life Science and Complexity
– Virtual complex network
– Complex Network Tools

Linkalab pays a special a attention to the sharing, diffusion and transferring of the knowledge produced inside the Lab. A division is fully dedicated  to the development and configuration of web-groupware systems and last generation e-learning systems for knowledge management activities on web 2.0 platforms. In this way is posible to keep in contact with the scientific community and to efficiently collaborate with the customers. Linkalab provides two kind of services:


– Scientific Web Service
– Content Management Systems


via San Benedetto, 88

09129 Cagliari – ITALY
070 7966021

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Linkalab: Complex Systems Computational Laboratory
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