Lift France 12: “Digital Promises & Compromises”

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<p>At the crossroads between technical innovation, economic mutations and social transformations, what "Digital Disruptions" will become central in the next few years? What are the issues and challenges that we can no longer ignore? <strong>Marseille, France, 27-28 September.</strong></p>

Lift France 12 is a 2-day event featuring talks and a giant co-creation workshop about digital disruptions.


Day 1 (09/27) – “Visions” – will be an open international conference where 6 major visionaries will shed light on where they believe the next disruptions will take place, what role technology plays in them, and what we can/should do to anticipate.


Day 2 (09/28) – “Projection” – will take the form of a mass creativity workshop where 120-150 individuals from all origins will collectively debate, describe, shape and reshape the Spaces of Disruptions they foresee.

Lift France 12’s theme, “Promises & Compromises”, is about the possible futures that technology describes and ascribes when it meets with societies, cultures, and economic forces. It will look at the promises that technology has made, accomplished or lost, and the promises it could, should or definitely shouldn’t make in response to our era’s challenges and dreams.


The Giant workshop will contribute to a very special publication, to appear in January, 2013: “Digital Disruptions” (see the 2012 Edition – the 2013 Edition will exist in English and French). “Digital Disruptions” will try to identify the spaces where major disruptions are likely to happen in the coming years.


Practical Info:

September 27th 2012: The first day of the conference will happen at Amphithéâtre Marseille Provence Métropole : 58 Boulevard Charles Livon, 13007 Marseille.
Itinerary from Marseille Saint-Charles railway station.

September 28th 2012 : The second day will take the form of a mass creativity workshop and will happen at Pôle Media Belle de Mai
37/41 rue Guibal
13001 Marseille
Carte (300 meters from Saint Charles station)

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