Lebanon Creative Industries: the Beirut Creative Cluster is born

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<p>On Wednesday August 22, twenty five company owners from across different creative sectors came together to form an agglomeration that will be known as Beirut Creative Cluster (BCC).</p>

The establishment of the BCC is the result of a yearlong effort led by Berytech with the support of the European Union; both Berytech and the EU were fortified in their common belief that clusters are the much needed drivers for economic and social development in Lebanon. The vision of the BCC is to create a world class cluster of content, platform and technology providers, developing and distributing innovative digital content and technologies to global markets. This can be achieved through a series of collaborative projects to develop a strong physical and financial infrastructure along with specific activities to boost trade and stimulate competitiveness. 

The eighteen company owners that attended the meeting went through a round of discussion where opinions, expectations and the possible implications and rewards of such an unprecedented endeavor were debated; the participants then signed the membership application documents and elected the following board members;


President: Hani Asfour, Polypod
Vice-President: Fadi N.Sabbagha, Born Interactive
Treasurer: Nathalie Fallaha Vit-e
Secretary: Boudy Nasrallah, Wondereight
Cluster representative towards the government: Mario Hachem, Apps2You
Board member: Rabih Haddad, Blacksmiths Studios
Board member: Zeina Hachem, Cre8mania
The board members will start working immediately to study and select the most appropriate activities and opportunities already presented to them.


Complete list of the BCC members:

Blacksmith Studios
Born Interactive
Bright I
Cliché VFX
DB Studios
Djinn House
Eastline Marketing
Firehorse Productions
Né à Beyrouth
Olive Tree Production
Penguin Cube
The Post Office
Think Media Labs
Wixel Studios


For more information on the BCC click on the following link: blog.berytech.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/BCC_Info.pdf


Contact Salim Tannous
Cluster Manager

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