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<p>Innovation Park La Salle is an innovative ecosystem where university research groups, innovation departments, new firms and other firms are integrated to generate maximum synergies among them. </p>

At the end of 2001 the project Technological and Business’s Innovation Park La Salle was founded as the consolidation of a project of approximation between university and business. Since then the Park assumes the commitment of La Salle with society, people and organizations by means of the transfer of knowledge, technology, people and businesses.

It is an intermediary structure in the innovation system equipped with technological, logical and physical platforms, whose aim is to contribute to the competitiveness of companies from the university environment.

Entrepreneurs will find in Innovation Park La Salle the ideal place to develop a business proposal, providing that this is innovative and has a technological base. Our structure allows an accompaniment throughout the process of birth and growth of the company covering areas like finance, technology development, physical space, coaching, training or investment readiness. 

Emerging from a university setting near the market and with a great knowledge of ICTs and a specialization in technology-based companies allows the Park to be an interesting partner to connect our entrepreneurs with the business. Large enterprises will also find a dynamic, creative and full of opportunities arising from the synergies created from the open innovation and constantly critical look at the application of technology in our society. 

The Park Business Council is a group of companies that have expressed a clear commitment to long-term innovation. These are companies that see innovation as a way to gain advantage over their competitors and are convinced of working with university for the development and application of new technologies. 

The connection of the Innovation Park La Salle with other global entities is a clear expression of our commitment to internationalization of our business and access to global markets. «Creating and managing an ecosystem where knowledge acquires value as innovative developments or as new technology-based companies».

The mission is to be catalysts of the knowledge that exists at the University in order to put it in value in the market, whether based on innovative projects taking place in large companies as technologies used to create new products or services and are driven by entrepreneurs.

The mission is to motivate and facilitate the contact between both sides and play a proactive role in generating new opportunities, to create an environment of «ecosystem» of innovation, where knowledge becomes a value.


Technova Barcelona:

C/ Sant Joan de La Salle,42

08022 Barcelona

Tel: (+34) 932 902 496


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