Kista Idea Lab: Let’s Play and Learn!

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<p>Kista Idea Lab is a library thinktank for mobile workflow and collaborative learning in one of the most multilingual and multitechnological areas of the world… Let’s play and learn! And build the library of the future!</p>

We are a forum for user driven library innovation, experiments and collaborative learning, based in the Kista Public Library and Learning Center. The core activities in the lab aim at developing new methods for mobile workflow using mobile ICT tools and fomenting collaborative learning and a participatory culture.


Within the framework of Kista Idea Lab new ICT methods and opportunities are being developed aiming at inspiring staff, library users and lifelong learners alike to share their personal technical, as well as lingustic and technical skills collaboratively, in different learning activitities hosted by the Kista Learning Center, and in cooperation with partner organisations from the cultural and educational sectors, as well as from the ICT industry.


Since May 2010 we are a partner in the pilot project Digital Art Center. Over the next three years, DAC will evolve into a full-scale digital experience center in Kista Science City. The Center features researchers, creators, students, the public, and the business world, all working together. DAC provides an interface between tech companies and creative forces, and this cross-fertilization will lead to innovative ways of thinking. The main actors behind the Center are Stockholm University, Atrium Ljungberg, the City of Stockholm, Interactive Institute, Swedish ICT, Stockholm Public Library, Kista Science City, and Dreamhack.



Kista Idea Lab

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