KIST: Korea Institute of Science and Technology

In Networks and Organizations

Prof. Benvenuto Cestaro: “Troppe proteine di origine animali sulle tavole degli italiani, per mantenersi in salute è necessario un ritorno alla tradizione.”

Founded in 1966, KIST is a premier multi-disciplinary research institute in Korea. Their goal is to research, develop, and transition creative, original technologies that are necessary to advance our nation’s science and technology base. Specifically, they focus on fusion technologies that will power Korea’s economic growth, especially in the areas of energy, environment, health, security, and materials.

Since its inception 1966, KIST has played an integral part in Korea’s scientific and technological development. KIST will continue to proactively foster partnerships among industries, universities, and research institutes. It is only through such cooperation that we can improve the well-being of the citizens.

To enhance the level of excellence in its research, the institute will expand its global cooperative network with world-renowned scientists and institutions. In addition, KIST will promote an open environment of creativity where their researchers can realize their fullest potential.

They will go beyond the limitations of technology, generating superior R&D performances, to contribute to humanity for a more convenient, more prosperous and happier world. By doing so, we will be a leading global institute for the future.

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