Kapotski: artefacts for the creation of music

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<p>The trio Jonas Nachtergaele, Ruben Nachtergaele, and Kurt Stockman, aka Kapotski have become quite infamous for (re)appropriating unexpected technologies and artefacts for the creation of music.</p>

Kapotski (derived from the Dutch word for broken ‘kapot’) have elevated hacked toys, reverse engineered junk, and the peep and squeak of pre-historic kitchen and household appliances to an art form: weird, entertaining, resourceful, and at
times evenverging on the perverse.They started in 2002 and played some 100 concerts.

A typical Kapotski performance is an intense live improvisation, where the pleasure of playing is key. Delicate soundscapes are alternated with the racket
of a drill, or the beating of a hand mixer and the swooshing of a blender. Kapotski show that mundane, old and redundant technology can be a perfect base
for innovative and experimental sound. ” (excerpt from: Nat Muller; “More Than Meets The Eye.” Argosfestival 2003 Catalogue.) 

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Originally Published 2011-09-17

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