Kangding Ray: the raise of the abstract bass music

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<p><strong>Kangding ray's music reflects his wide musical background, and a particular way</strong> of merging beats and textured soundscapes into slowly evolving compositions.<br /><br /></p>

KR combines machines with « real instruments » in a subtle and rythmic suite, integrating noises, walls of distortion, massive bass lines, voices and field recordings. The result is a blend of deep advanced grooves and dark atmospheres, that one could describe as « abstract bass music »


Kangding Ray is David Letellier. Born in France and based in Berlin, Letellier evolved as a guitarist and drummer in various bands whose influences ranged from rock and pop to jazz before moving into electronic music. His music is situated at the crossroads of « digitality » and sensitivity. In his compositions, melodies combine with machine sounds in a subtle and rythmic suite. He will participate in the Unsound Festival in Cracow.


Kangding Ray


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