Innovation Sky selected among the top 22 tools of “EBN Tools Exchange Forum” (London)

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<p>Innovation Sky, the creativity and technology virtual park created by Media Haka, <span id="internal-source-marker_0.227154797169687">has been selected among the top 22 tools </span>that will be presented at the Tools Exchange Forum 2012 in London, 18-19 October. The Tools Exchange Forum 2012 is an exchange and collaborative platform designed specifically for BICs, Innovation-based Incubators, Accelerators, Science and Technology Parks, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centres.</p>





Media Haka will have the opportunity to present the new tool “Innovation Sky”, a creativity and technology virtual park that supports business and research activities with services oriented to visibility, marketing, social media automatization, technology transfer and internationalization: the tool enables to drastically reduce the cost of these activities. The mission of the project is based on the principles of open innovation and knowledge transfer with the aim to added value to different niches of innovation ecosystems on a global scale, producing benefits at the local level in terms of dynamics of the economic fabric. The tool has been designed by Media Haka with the support of Tecnopolis Science Park (Bari, Italy) and the program for creative industries Creamedia (Barcelonactiva, Barcelona, Spain). The prototype of the tool won the “EBN DigiBic Award” 2011 (Toulon, France).

Interstellar Park Visibility
Each member:
– is provided with a mini website where is possible to gather all his information: description, geographic location, news and projects and social media channels: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
– is provided with a cusomized on-line bulletin board with community features.
– become part of an international innovation directory.

Through a news personal editor, members can publish their daily news on an international magazine translated in ten languages. The main areas are: Smart Cities, Green Energy, Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Health, Agribusiness, ICT, Media, Social Media, Mobile Technology, Gaming, Digital Culture and Innovative Events.

Innovation Agenda
Members can promote their own events within the Innovation agenda, a section that marks the main global innovation events using a geotimeline.

Open Innovation
Members have the opportunity to present their projects / products / solutions in an open innovation market place.

Members have the option to get started with crowdfunding programs for certain categories of projecs.

Social media marketing and Web 2.0
Innovation Sky is a social media hub. Members can take advantage of profiled marketing campaigns supported by a highly branched structure in the main social media, social bookmarking and microblogging platforms.

Innovation Sky’s contents and members informations are translated into 10 languages: English, French, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Catalan.



Innovation Sky is a tool powered by Media Haka with the support of Tecnopolis (Tech Park of Bari).


Media Haka is a Tactical Media Company focused on the analysis of complex systems and digital media. The team builds networks developing advanced cross-media formats, tools and contents for digital communities. Media Haka creates partecipative hyper-contexts (alternate reality, mobile apps, data-visualization, bookmarking, microblogging, geolocative technologies) supported by Innovation Sky, an interactive info scenario composed by 10 web platforms published in 10 languages, daily updated. Media Haka is based in Barcelona and works with the actors of the international innovation ecosystem. The startup was founded in 2010 thanks to the program CREAMEDIA Barcelonactiva (Barcelona Municipality).  Read More


Tecnopolis promoted and now is managing the science and technology park Tecnopolis Novus Ortus located in Valenzano (Province of Bari, Puglia).From August 1, 2008 is a in-house company with the mission to design and manage programs for the ICT regional administration. The technologic park is located in Puglia, in southern Italy; in the last three years Tecnoplis’goal have been the participation to European Programs and Projects, in several activities toward production,enterprises, Public Administration, Local bodies, co-operative activities with the university and educational system and for the international cooperation. It has active programs, protocols, networks and partnerships with Mediterranean and European countries. Read More


The Tools Exchange Forum 2012

The Forum brings together practical tools and initiatives that have been developed to support the growth of international entrepreneurial players. Incubators’ management, decision making and action planning, risk management, data management, project management, open innovation, crowd funding, business modeling and business planning, innovation assessment, technology transfer, commercialization, soft landing management, virtual incubation, web 2.0 tools… will be at the heart of this two days forum. Read More




SME Week 2012: The Tool Exchange Forum is part of the European Commission’s SME WEEK 2012. The European SME Week 2012 Summit will take place in Brussels on 17 October. The theme of the conference will be “Women’s Entrepreneurship”. Read More


EBN is the leading non-governmental pan-European Network, incorporating 250+ Business & Innovation Centers (BICs), Innovation-based Incubators, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centres and Business Accelerators across Europe and beyond. EBN was created 28 years ago by the European Commission and European industry & knowledge leaders, with the purpose to stimulate the emergence and growth of new innovative enterprises, to help modernizing existing firms, and to boost the endogenous economic potential of European regions. Read More.


UKBI is the membership association of organisations and professionals actively involved in enterprise, innovation and sustainable economic growth. UKBI is the independent voice of business incubation and accelerated growth, influencing policy at local, national, European and international levels. UKBI works with its members across a wide range of public and private sectors, supporting practitioners and stakeholders in the development of quality business growth environments in which their client businesses can succeed. Read More.

KDBCThe University of East London’s Knowledge Dock Business Centre, is the only accredited BIC in London, located close to the Olympic Park and one of the biggest regeneration areas in Europe. Knowledge Dock connects students, entrepreneurs, SMEs and organisations to the expertise and resources available at the university to help develop enterprise opportunities. We also provide office facilities and services, tailored to cater ORGANISERS for the needs of start-up and developing businesses and work with our local, regional and international partners to deliver projects to support innovation and business growth. Read More


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