How to build an email list

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One of the most important things you can do as a blogger is to build an email list from the very beginning. Growing a list of people that are interested in what you share is something that will benefit your blogging business for years and years.

My outline to building an email list fast.
One of the most important things you can do as a blogger is to build an email list from the very beginning. Growing a list of people that are interested in what you share is something that will benefit your blogging business for years and years.

Why Do I Need To Learn How To Build An Email List?
When you have an email list, it is like having traffic on demand to any new blog posts you write, new product you develop or even an affiliate product you want to share. Having a list also gives you another place that you can connect and build a relationship with your readers. One great benefit to having a list is you can use auto responders to automate messages to your subscribers developing a powerful marketing funnel. Once you set up your auto responder it will run and sell for you automatically letting you focus on just building your list numbers.
Here Is My Simple Email List Building Outline


Four Email Marketing Basics Explained

1. Email Deliverability
Deliverability is getting the email into the inbox. Simple right? It can be. You should have no problem reaching a deliverability rate above 95%. Your email list service should be able to provide this statistic for you , plus the following stats.

2. Email Open Rate
An email open is tracked by a hidden GIF image that is automatically added when an email is sent. When this image is downloaded an open is counted. But, if images are automatically disabled on the receivers end,  then no open is counted.
Email open rates can be deceiving and are not the best stat to look at to see if you email campaign is producing for you. If you have the same amount of text and images, then people can read your entire email  without downloading anything. Leaving no email open rate counted.

3. Email Click-Through Rate
Your email CTR is tracked by using a redirect to the ESP server. That redirect passes information that the ESP can then track who clicked on an email and what link was clicked.
Email Click-Through Rate (CTR) is a MUCH better indicator of email campaign success because it is a more reliable tracking method. Once you learn how to build an email list, CTR is what you will focus on most to see how well your email marketing is working.

4. Email Subject Lines
The subject line is the first thing someone sees when they receive your email. I would say your subject line is the MOST important part of any email campaign. No matter how great the content in your email is, if your subject line doesn’t motivate them to open and read then it’s wasted.

Now what makes a good subject line?
That depends a lot on many factors, the niche you’re in, the age and demographic of your subscribers and many other things. Best thing to do is test your subject lines and see what works best for your subscribers.

Here are a few that seem to work…
Bold statements work.
Asking questions work.
Adding humor works.
Use relevant events.

To find what works for you, you have to Test-Test-Test .
How To Build An Email List – Let’s Get Started

Remember My Simple Email List Building Outline…

Let’s cover the 3 main things you need to make that list building outline work for you.
Where Do You Start Building A List?
There are 3 main parts to building you email list. Lucky for you and me, there are some great tools that will make getting things set up easier and faster then ever.
Below I will go into more details on each step and the tools that will help you get set up correctly.

How To Build An Email List  – The Autoresponder
I use and recommend Aweber. They will take care of all  the storage and automation of your subscriber emails. With a tool like Aweber, you can automate most of the process after you initially set it up, and manage all of your lists from many sites on one dashboard. Smart, simple to set up and powerful and automated.

Having an autoresponder is a must have if you want to have success building an email list and communicating to that list. You also need a service that has many great features like build email forms easily, automating your follow up messages etc…

Once you have things set up, you want to make sure your emails get to your subscribers inboxes. That is why Reliability and deliverability are two other important factors I also looked at when I started using AWeber. I have used AWeber for over 7 years on many of my sites as well as in client websites. Also no matter what website/blog platform or services you use, AWeber will integrate nicely.
How To Build An Email List – The Branded Gift
Branded Free Gift – This is exactly what it sounds like. A piece of content you will put together that has your blogs branding, colors images and links. You will be giving this away Free as an incentive to have people to opt in to your email list. This should be helpful and directed at your target niche perfectly, tips, how to’s work well here. Offering something free to your target market is the best way to build your list. Just make sure that what you give is top quality, so spend some time here.  The better your free material is, the faster they will want to buy your “paid” material.

Here are a few Gift Ideas that will help you build an email list:
•    Ebook (10-20 pages min)
•    White Paper or Slide Share Pres
•    Video Tutorial Series
•    Audio Interview Recordings

Try to keep focused on solving a specific problem that your target readers fun into. The more focused you can be, the easier it will be to share quality information will be helpful and showing you know what you’re talking about. This is where you begin your relationship building and trust. The better your Gift is, the faster your reader/subscriber will trust you, so when you later offer them your own products or affiliate offers you will convert them to buyers faster.
Your Branded Gift is your “foot in the door” – So take the time to make it kick ass!

How To Build An Email List – The Capture Page
This is a simple page that shares more about why your reader will want to opt-in to your list. This is where you will share all the benefits to why your reader should opt-in to your email list. You can do this with text or a video. You want to have this page as simple as you can, they read/watch and either opt in or leave.

To make setting up these pages easier, I have been using OptimizePress. It gives you numerous design and lay out options for capture and landing page, plus you don’t need to have any coding or programming..which was a big help for me.
You can see my full review on OptimizePress here.

Your capture page is where you offer your Branded Gift to all your visitors. The best pages with the highest conversions stay focused to one thing – getting the reader to opt-in to your email list. A few ways you can help get better conversations is to keep everything clean and simple. No ads, not many images and keep links down to privacy policy and disclaimer.

The 4 main parts of a capture page are:
– Headline – this should be a big bold statement in a bright color to grab your readers attention.
– Benefit Bullets – share the benefits your readers will get by having and using your branded gift.
– Optin Box –  this is where the reader will add their name and email.
– Call To Action Button – get the reader’s attention with a large button with a powerful call to action.

A clean design and layout, matched with powerful benefit bullet points and a powerful call to action will get you the highest conversions you can. Learn more about you can set up all this up fast with OptimizePress.

How To Build An Email List – List Building Traffic Tips
Now that you have everything set up, you will need to have as many people see it as you can. So I wanted to share a few ways you can start driving traffic to your new capture page.

  1. Ask To Be “Referred You To A Friend” –  If your branded gift is good quality and helpful, then your subscribers will be happy to share. On the Thank U page, ask them to share your capture page with friends that may also benefit from your free gift.
  2. Submit Articles – You should be writing helpful articles on a regular basis to build your blog. But now instead of sending them to your main blog url, instead send them directly to your capture page from the bio.
  3. Solo Ads – Ezine solo ads a very powerful way to build your email list. A solo ad is basically someone will email your offer to their list. Google search for solo or ezine ads and choose the one that fits your budget. Start small and test, some smaller lists do better then huge lists.
  4. Facebook Ads – Running a Facebook ad is pretty simple and cheap if you do it right. First make sure your ad is for impressions and not per click. Next, if you send that traffic to a Facebook page, you will get a discount on the price. So set up a simple Facebook page, that has a welcome page and basically have your capture page recreated there. That way you can send your FB ad traffic to your FB page capture page. Getting the same results, with a discount on cost. … now keep this in mind!
  5. Throw it on your blog – If you have a blog, you should have at least 3 opt-in forms on your blog. Best places are at top of your side bar and at the end of it. Also add it to the end of your blog posts so readers will see it after they read each post
  6. It takes multiple visits for readers to take action – Knowing this, make sure you have at least 3 forms on your blog, make sure you are sending out helpful follow up emails to your list. Make sure you are working on bringing those subscribers back to your blog as much as you can.
  7. Don’t stop testing – Once you have your email system in place, you then need to tweak and test it all the time. Your goal is to up your conversions as much as you can.  You can test new headlines, new video or benefit bullets, new colors new call to action, add arrows. You can pretty much test every part of your capture page.