Gent Timelab: the social relevance of technology

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<p>Timelab comprises a FabLab, an artistic residency programs, research and social encounter moments where artists, experts and other interested people, ideas and inspiration can be found.</p>

[b]Make it! [/b] The first real public FabLab located in Ghent in Belgium and is part of the Timelab. Here, anyone who makes sense on Friday, during the Open Lab days, right to his / her own unique designs to materialize. More information, booking or registration for an introductory workshop? Go to


[b]Artist Residencies [/b] Timelab invites artists for a residency project. Their backgrounds can be very divergent. For some, the link with technology very present, others depart from a rather contemplative framework on the functioning of such people in our society. In 2010 Nikolaus Gansterer throughout the years occasionally appear in the Timelab. The artist Geert-Jan Hobijn (Soundsystem), in a short and intense residential development project in Ghent, in the fall. Go to


[b]fabCases and Talk Labs [/b] The fabCases the social relevance of technology and the FabLab / Timelab investigated. The fabCases are part of the larger study to develop a methodology on the relationship between the fab and Timelab and its surroundings. Talk to invite Timelab Labs, as well as artists, including stakeholders, policy and opinion makers in order to discuss issues that the workshop at heart. We think of recycling, privacy or open source. More info:


[b]It’s all about the people[/b] Besides the numerous encounters in a series FabLab and training, there is the annual summer camp where 15 artists, locally and internationally, are invited to an intensive process for ten days in the city. The 2010 edition will take place from June 20 to 30. Monthly networking event is the international Dorkbot, «people doing strange things with electricity», with the technical aspects of their creators and creations of a research group interested explain.


Finally shows Timelab OPEN annually at the beginning of spring, a state of affairs. [url=][/url] -> here you find all information about the operation. Timelab aims also to all aspects of the action research of all kinds, but also the self werkporces, document and website to the public. Location: St. Pietersnieuwstraat 21-9000 Ghent (well ahead) Since January 2010, Time Festival Timelab become. Timelab is supported by the Flemish Community, the Province of East Flanders and the City of Ghent



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