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<p><strong>FutureEverything is an art and digital innovation agency, a catalyst for ideas</strong>, and an intermediary between a wide range of stakeholders and communities. It's all about discovering and celebrating the latest developments at the intersection of art and technology, finding and sharing with everyone the small sparks that grow into fresh ways of seeing the world.<br /><br /></p>

The company heritage is based on the successful implementation of new ideas in digital culture to provide elegant solutions to practical innovation problems. they engage their worldwide community in devising and testing innovations in art, society and technology. Digital Innovation projects have been developed in partnership with local government, private sector companies and contemporary cultural industries.

Over 15 years, the FutureEverything Labs have consistently broken new ground, each exploring an original theme, and lasting between 9 – 36 months. The projects can interface with the FutureEverything Festival, which acts as a living lab and a global dissemination platform.

The Digital Innovations product has grown out of ongoing academic and artistic relationships, including the close and reciprocal collaboration with Lancaster University’s ImaginationLancaster.

The FutureEverything Award recognises outstanding achievement for innovation in art, society and technology. Now in it’s third year, the Award offers a cash prize of £10,000 plus the coveted FutureEverything Award Trophy.

FutureEverything’s annual festival «Arts, Music, Ideas» took place en Manchester from 11 to 14 of May; it brings cutting-edge art, music and ideas from where technology meets creativity. It scans the horizon of art, innovation, society and the environment to create a two-day conference of international speakers with the latest thinking on the hottest topics. The art strand pushes the boundaries of new media with amazing and thought-provoking digital works. And continuing the festival into the night the music strand is a celebration of sonic pioneers, from the best emerging talent to established musicians who continue to innovate and inspire.

Future Everything

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Future Everything
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