FAD 2011: Festival de arte digital

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<p><strong>FAD is a project on the inventive exploration of new technologies in the field of art</strong> and communications. One of festival’s axes is the exhibition of audiovisual installations, performances and further presentations which emphasize electronic art produced by machines and software, by means of digital medias. The festival also contributes to the formations of young creators through symposiums, workshops and lectures given by national and international artists.</p>

Specifically in its state and capital, the festival has a fundamental role in the development in the new media scenario. While expanding the national agenda for events that focus on the fusion between art and technology, FAD brings previously unseen works to the country, and also enables the local audience to see works from local artists that have been exhibited in other states and abroad.

The public responds with a growing interest in digital production and digital language, despite not being directly connected to their repertoire and cultural traditions, since they are already a part of their daily life through popular platforms such as cellphones, internet or tablet devices.


The debates and interactive workshops are concerned with issues related to artistic creation with digital tools. The emphasis given to support is not without meaning, and is far away from a technological fascination or a passing fashion. We must reflect upon the consequences of the speed at which digital means change, and on the possible perversity of constant obsolescence that may result from these changes. To think art combined with technology is, therefore, a way to critically circumscribe naive attitudes which defend the new for the sake of being new.

In order to share this reflection with the audience the FAD invites expedient producers such as technical directors and audiovisual producers, both national and international, as well as research scholars. It also seeks, in formal academic knowledge, another path to the systematization and critique of image production through contemporary techniques, or techniques which problematize issues related to current times. These actions aim to discuss creative forms of production financing, as well as alternative forms for national and international product circulation, through the interchange between Brazilian and potential foreign partners

In this edition, as it consolidates itself as a fundamental agent in the reflection and creation of new audiovisual formats enabled by technology and digital media, the festival intends on building, in Belo Horizonte, a potential and important audience for new cultural, artistic and contemporary movements. 


With every new edition, the FAD grows in terms of artistic relevance and in the number of works exhibited; a growth that projects it beyond regional and national borders. It is a communion among festival, artists and the critical public for the development of an increasingly promising scenario in the universe of electronic and digital media art.

FAD 2011 
1 September – 2 Octuber, Fundação Inimá de Paula
Rua da Bahia, 1.201 – Centro
CEP 30160-011 – Belo Horizonte – MG
(31) 3213-4320 and 3222-9798

FAD: Festival de arte digital
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