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<p>Espaitec, (Science Park, Tecnològic i Business at the Universitat Jaume I, SL) was incorporated as a company in 2005, promoted by the University (UJI) and Confederation of Employers of Castellon  (CEC). Emerges as an initiative based on the intense connection of the Universitat Jaume I in the industrial fabric and the growing demand for support services for enterprise development.</p>

The existence of various structures of technological cooperation reflects the high and increasing activity in collaboration with the industrial and business environment. Examples include the Graduate Institute of Ceramic Technology Augustine Escardino (ITC), recognized and established in 1996, the University Institute of Pesticides and Water (IUPA) and the Central Scientific Instrumentation Services.


Espaitec’s mission is to be the main agent of dynamic entrepreneurship at the provincial level and make a quantified and recognized the socio-economic development, both in the UJI in society of Castellon.
Espaitec aims to become a landmark of innovation and diversification of the business fabric of the province of Castellon and a source of additional funding and significant for the UJI.
– Promotion of university-industry collaboration through the exploration market and the promotion of lines of R & D suited to the demand;
– Guidance and support to the commercialization of research;
– Technology development and commercialization;
– Promotion and dissemination of entrepreneurship and innovation;
– Contribution to business competitiveness and economic development in the province of    Castellon;
– Promotion of programs and activities specific R & D and training.
The park will have a floor area of 64,776 m2, while the usable area will be up 94,500 m2 construibles since it will have 22 plots of 900m2 and 5 floors per building. In the 2008-2011 time frame is planned construction of the first three buildings: The incubation unit will be located in building 1 called ESPAITEC1 and buildings ESPAITEC2 and ESPAITEC3 to be allocated to companies in growth phase (grow-up).
What’is a STP?
“A Science and Technology Park (STP) is an organization run by professionals whose primary objective is to increase the wealth of their community by promoting the culture of innovation and competitiveness of enterprises and institutions that generate knowledge installed in the park or associated with him.


To that end, a Technology Park stimulates and manages the flow of knowledge and technology between universities, research institutions, companies and markets, promotes the creation and growth of innovative enterprises through incubation and generation of centrifuge (spin off), and provides value-added services as well as space and facilities of high quality. “



Official Definition IASP (International Association of Science Parks)

Science and Technology Park, Jaume I University

Edificio ESPAITEC 1. Campus del Riu Sec,

Avenida Sos Baynat s/n

12071 – Castellón de la Plana (España)

Tel.: +34 964 387 390

Fax: +34 964 387 322


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