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<p>Enviu strives to contribute to a sustainable world where innovative entrepreneurship creates value for people and planet. Its mission is to inspire and involve young entrepreneurial people to co-create on profitable solutions for environmental and social issues.<br /><br /><strong></strong></p>

Enviu develops sustainable and social innovations and brings them to the market. They work together with a large group of young entrepreneurial people, senior executives, corporate partners and universities to co-create these innovative businesses.

Enviu scouts and generates
WOW! ideas and makes them happen. WOW! ideas are: innovative, sustainable solutions for environmental or social issues, have a business case, are scalable, and are challenging for young people to get involved.

It’s based in The Netherlands but has an international network of young entrepreneurs, creatives, young professionals and students; the decision makers of the near future who share their networks, expertise and time in order to work towards an economy that creates value for people and planet.

His mission explained:

– Inspire and involve: to facilitate an inspiring and professional learning and work environment;
– Young entrepreneurial people: young entrepreneurs, students, creatives and young professionals, the decision makers of the near future;
– Co-create: among people, stakeholders and sectors, reciprocal, based on empowerment and synergy;
– Profitable: create synergy between environmental, social and financial value creation through entrepreneurship;
– Solutions: (potential) significant contribution to solve environmental and social issues. By tackling an issue in an integrated way, symbiosis can be achieved; 
– Environmental and social issues: problems or threats to (living) natural resources and social structures that our global society depends on. Enviu departs from the theme of ecological sustainability. When operating in emerging economies they are particularly interested in ecological sustain­ability in relation to poverty reduction. 


Pannekoekstraat 100

3011 LL  Rotterdam

+31 (0) 10 288 79 70


Enviu: Innovators in sustainability
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Originally Published 2011-12-20

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