EnLabs: Italy’s first «open incubator»

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<p>Enlabs: Start Ups with innovative ideas in ICT and other sectors.</p>

I.  Selection

Desired pre-requisites are:

– Relevance of the business sector

– Team composition and experience

– Stage of development of the project

– Full time commitment by the team


The initiative calls for quality teams composed of 2/3 people with an innovative project in the ICT area. If the idea doesn’t meet our requirements, Enlabs will give you a prompt response to that effect. 12 Start Ups who meet our requirements will be contacted by one of our Mentors the 16th of January 2012 to learn more about your project.


Your assigned Mentor will have direct experience in the specific field that you are planning to enter and will lead your efforts at Enlabs during the incubation period.


From the 23th to the 24th of January 2012, the 12 finalist Start-Ups will be invited to make an elevator pitch, a 5 minute presentation in front of the Mentors, and their project will be evaluated by Enlabs’ team.  6 Start Ups will be selected at the end of this process to participate in our incubation program.


II.  Execution

The actual incubation program will start on the 06th of February 2012 and all Start-Ups are required to be at Enlabs’ offices full time from this date.


This initiative aims to create a company with a winning entrepreneurial idea.  Enlabs helps Start-Ups grow and launch into the “blu ocean” by providing initial stage investment, tutoring and strong links to capital markets.


During the execution phase, teams are introduced into Enlabs’ working environment where they will work full time with the help of a Mentor. They will also have the possibility to attend 10 training sessions. Our mentors build strong relationships with Start Ups who are invited to meet with them and discuss current issues on a weekly base.


After 6 months the execution phase ends with Investor Day, when Enlabs will support Start Ups with a Fund Raising event where it will be possible to meet potential investors.

Enlabs’ services and investment will be in exchange for a 15% shareholding in the Start-Up.  Enlabs typically plans to sell its shares in the Start-Up within a two to three year period, as new investors take its place to finance the following phase of growth.




EnLabs is Italy’s first «open incubator» and business accelerator which also supports co-working. It was founded in November 2010 by Luigi Capello, a Business Angel who was able to appreciate the efficiency of such facilities thanks to his experience investing in Italy and Silicon Valley. The 400sqm facility is located in Rome, via Montebello 8, near Termini Station. It houses 50 workstations for 20 start ups. EnLabs has established itself as a pioneer in innovation and entrepreneurship in Italy. Its incubator is positioned as the launch pad for new business creation both in a national and international context, facilitating the start up development process in Italy, Silicon Valley or other dynamics areas around the globe.


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