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<p class="bodytext"><strong>The EIT is a new independent community body which was set</strong> up to address Europe's innovation gap. We aim to rapidly emerge as a key driver of EU sustainable growth and competitiveness through the stimulation of world-leading innovation.</p><p class="bodytext">We are committed to serving as a flagship of European excellence and hope you will find this site informative.</p>

The EIT is an institute of the European Union established in March 2008.

It is governed by a Governing Board consisting of 22 Members representing a balance of leading individuals active in the education, research and business sectors (including KIC partners). The Governing Board is in charge of setting the overall strategy and direction of the EIT led by José Manuel Leceta, and carried out by its staff at EIT headquarters, which was set up in 2009 and is now located in Budapest, Hungary.


The EIT’s mission is to increase European sustainable growth and competitiveness by reinforcing the innovation capacity of the Member States and the EU (Article 3, EIT Regulations). This translates into developing a new generation of innovators and entrepreneurs. To do so, the EIT has created integrated structures (Knowledge Innovation Communities, or KICs), which link the higher education, research and business sectors to one another thereby boosting innovation and entrepreneurship.

The KICs focus on priority topics with high societal impact, currently: Climate Change and Mitigation, Sustainable Energy and Information Communication Technology (ICT), to be expanded over time. In short, the EIT’s mission is to facilitate the following transitions:

– From idea to product 

– From lab to market

– From student to entrepreneur

– By integrating the three sides of the Knowledge Triangle (higher education, research and business) in areas of high societal need.


Infopark 1/E – Neumann Janos utca  
1117 Budapest – Hungary

+36 14 819 300

EIT: European Institute of Innovation & Tehnology  

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