DressApp: to organize yours clothes closet from the mobile

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<p>On the 27th of February and at the MWC SlashMobility launch its first product of 2012: an application called DressApp that will allow users to arrange and organize their clothes closet from their mobile.</p><p> </p><p><iframe frameborder="0" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/XEvqJYeCDv4" width="460"></iframe></p>

SlashMobility is a startup founded in late 2010 and located in the center of business and innovation, Barcelona Activa. The company focuses on developing business applications for mobile platforms iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone.


Just a year old, this young company has developed more than 40 apps that use avant-guard technologies such as augmented reality or QR codes to customers in distinct areas (such as the app of Letsbonus, which has reached the number 1 Spanish ranking in the AppStore). SlashMobility has trained over 250 professionals and had a turnover of 400,000 Euros that aims to double by 2012 with its new line of products, a growth in the number of employees and the entry into the U.S. market with two of its new products: OutletsMap and DressApp.




DressApp is the product that SlashMobility has chosen to present for its debut at the MWC. This is an application that allows, in a simple and intuitive way to arrange and organize the clothes closet of the user through the mobile phone.


SlashMobility believes in the diffusion of knowledge and talent as leitmotiv and draws on the excellenceof Barcelona and Catalan professionals for their business. To SlashMobility, Barcelona being the Mobile World Capital will mean that the city will become the epicenter of the mobile market and will offer all companies operating in the city a unique showcase to demonstrate their quality and enthusiasm.


SlashMobility – App Planet – Mobile World Congress 2012

del 27 de febrer a l’1 de març 

Fira de Barcelona a Montjuïc


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