Documenting and archiving internet based art

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<span class="text_exposed_show">Early internet based artworks are disappearing rapidly and en masse, due to various reasons such as technical problems, software updates, and server costs. These conceptual, technical and performative works will be lost for future generations, without the research and contextualization many of these works deserve as some of the most compelling and significant artistic productions of our time.</span>

As a response to the slow developments in the field of digital art archiving and preservation, the artist based initiative for documenting and archiving net.artdatabase by Constant Dullaart and Robert Sakrowski is getting wide recognition and attention from collectors, internet artists and institutions world wide. Their approach of subjective documenting, and straightforward collecting of meta data is aimed at the participation and exchange of the collected documentation by all parties interested in preservation of internet based artworks.
Several modes of preservation, such as Rhizome's artdatabase, the internet archive, the torrent of geocities, and more will be discussed, and examples of the newly proposed documentation method will be shown.
Will this method of preservation stimulate the exhibiting of internet based artworks? Will it stimulate the exchange of documentation? And will it get the viewers of the artworks to document their experiences?

Panel discussion and presentation in corporation with
Humboldt University, Institute for Media Theories/ / PROGRAM / / Rhizome artbase.
Saturday 6 November, 19:00-21:00
PROGRAM | initiative for art + architecture collaborations
Invalidenstrasse 115, Berlin

This event will also serve as a start of a workshop at Humboldt University's Institute for Media Theories, during the class of Paul Feigelfeld.

Ben Fino-Radin
Carson Chan
Constant Dullaart
Paul Feigelfeld
Robert Sakrowski

Showing works by Rafael Rozendaal, resident artist at PROGRAM, JODI and Constant Dullaart.

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