Meet Deriva Cat: the alternate reality reporter

In Haka Lab

<p><span id="internal-source-marker_0.6771501137761565">Deriva Cat, the enigmatic reporter built in the software code, will debut in the Media Haka’s performative conference, during the festival B/Art (r)evoluciones. </span>The conference "Realidad alternativa en procesos de participación" will take place on May 5 h 18:00 at the Arts Santa Monica, the arts and technology center of Barcelona.</p>

Deriva Cat is a virtual character controlled by an artificial intelligence, developed in a cross-media way. She is represented by an avatar generated by a motion capture system controlled by a performer who interacts in real time with the guests and the web networks. This strange journalist, on his website appears with a black cat and a skateboard and presents herself as following: «Hello my name is Deriva Cat, I’m a cross-media reporter. I work in Barcelona for Innovation Sky, the global innovation radar. I spend my days skating around the city with my friend Zip, looking for innovative people and visionary entrepreneurs. My dream is to build a digital network for the internationalization of the Catalan innovation system. Look to my reports and discover my plans «.

The debut of the virtual young reporter is a performative act in which Media Haka will explain the features of Innovation Sky, an interactive meta-scenario focused on innovations systems located all over the planet.


The entire presentation will highlight tools, languages ​​and solutions used for the management of the hybrid platform: interaction-design, cross-media storytelling, data mining, info-visualization, social media curation augmented reality and data-art.

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