Cynet Art: the development of technology based art

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<p>CYNETART is an international festival for computer based art in Dresden. The festival is the focal point of the Trans-Media-Akademie Hellerau. <strong>15 to 21 November 2012 | at the Festspielhaus Hellerau | Dresden | Germany</strong></p>

A work which has developed into a festival in Germany and internationally esteemed platform of digital culture provides a comprehensive overview of current developments in technology-based art.


On six days, the 16th Edition of the festival presents an exhibition of the winning projects and selected competition entries, first-class performances and an evening program with live sets of international electronic musicians and VJs at the Festspielhaus Hellerau and other selected spots in Dresden. Other program highlights e.g. PANORAMA_CYNETART or UTOPIA attractor, are planned.

The CYNETART festival networks locally and globally, leveraging both the public space of Dresden as a project space and cooperates with private cinema, exhibiting and creative offices in Dresden and scientific institutes.


CYNETART is an international festival for computer-aided art in Dresden. This work has made the festival become a countrywide and internationally recognised platform of digital culture – providing an in-depth overview of current developments of technology-based art.

Since the foundation in 1997 CYNETART has accomplished a lively mix of creative programmers, skilful engineers and innovative sound technicians and media artists from all over the world. With their original ideas they come together in November every year. The event presents current trends in the artistic contention about and application of computer and network technologies.

Every two years the festival is accompanied by the international CYNETART competition. With a total prize money of 28.400 Euro it ranks among Europe’s top awards in the area of media art. An international expert jury chooses the winners of the CYNETART-award from more than 300 submissions and 30 countries. It also awards a sponsorship prize and an artist-in-residence-scholarship funded by the Saxon State Ministry of Science and Art.

CYNETART is a dynamic and energy-driven festival which thrives on the variety of its international artists and visitors. It features the captivating architecture of the exceptional and authentic venue, namely the festival theatre Hellerau and a program rich in contrast. The latter includes performances, exhibitions, lectures and workshops as well as electronic live-concerts – altogether an exciting panorama.



Festspielhaus Hellerau

Dresden, Germany




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