CRS4: Centre for Advanced Studies, Research and Development in Sardinia

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<p>The company pursues scientific research and technology development and innovation, delivers further scientific and technical education and training, and provides advanced services in the sectors of high-performance computing, scientific imaging, simulation, modelling, bioinformatics and ICTs in general.</p>

CRS4, a fully owned subsidiary of Sardegna Ricerche, currently has a staff of 160. The Centre operates in strategic sectors such as the information society, energy, the environment, medicine, biotechnologies and pharmacology.


Founded in 1990, its management was entrusted to Nobel Laureate Carlo Rubbia and Prof. Paolo Zanella who, together with a team of researchers from the CERN of Geneva, created the first Italian website ( and published an online edition of regional newspaper “L’Unione Sarda” which thus became the first Italian daily on the web. The Centre also scored other records: the creation of the first web mail worldwide and of the first search engine in Italy. The store of competencies developed by CRS4 soon spawned many ICT companies in Sardinia and some of the major Internet & TLC companies in Italy and Europe, such as Tiscali.


CRS4 is a supplier of high technology to ENI, the Italian Oil and Gas Corporation, collaborates with the San Raffaele Hospital, Milan and takes part in various national and European research projects. President: Paolo Zanella. Competencies and technologies The Centre’s activity has recently been reorganised in five strategic areas:

– ICT and the information society

– Energy and the environment

– Bio-informatics

– Advanced computing and communication

– Infrastructure, computing services and networks.


c/o Technology Park, Pixinamanna
09010 Pula Province of Cagliari, Italy

070 92501

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CRS4 – Centre for Advanced Studies, Research and Development

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