ComoNExT: new energy for the territory

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<p>The ComoNExT (New Energy for the Territory) STP, managed by ComoNExT, is an initiative undertaken by the COMO CHAMBER OF COMMERCE within the framework of social development projects aimed at boosting the competitiveness of the local economy. These projects feature a new shared  strategic design and participatory governance with a multisectorial approach.  </p>

To manage the projects, the Chamber of Commerce set up a territorial development agency calledSviluppo Como Spa. 

Sviluppo Como Spa  was established in 2006 with the aim of revitalizing the economy and productivity of the Lake Como district by fostering a new entrepreneurship, encouraging strategic sectors and driving growth through an innovative and technologically advanced approach. 
Sviluppo Como is a public limited company with a share capital of 10 million Euros, underwritten by banking institutions and the business associations of the Province. Thanks to their local roots, they are able to provide a balanced representation of interests and an effective intervention capacity. As a matter of fact, Sviluppo Como combines a strategic planning vision with a strong financial and execution capacity.
ComoNExT is the first strategic and system investment made by Sviluppo Como.

ComoNExT plc is a consortium with a share capital of 5.1 million Euros established by Sviluppo Como in 2007, with the purpose of creating and managing the Lomazzo-based STP and attracting innovative and high-tech businesses in a setting where laboratories, research centres and representatives of the financial community act as catalysers and facilitators for cross-fertilization. 

ComoNExT provides information, assistance and advisory services to companies located in the park and promotes the transfer of technology from universities and external R&D centres to the businesses. 

ICOMO is responsible for the operational management of ComoNExT. ICOMO is a division of the Alessandro Volta Centre for Scientific Culture, which has been operating in the Como area for over 25 years as liaison between the business community and scientific research institutes. ICOMO was set up in 2005 by the Como Chamber of Commerce. It operates in the Province as a support centre for start-ups and technology transfer, and to date includes around 350 companies working on a regular basis for innovation and cultural exchange, thereby creating a local community of innovative businesses. In performing its operational management activities, ICOMO has established a close relationship with the Fondazione Politecnico di Milano as well as with the business incubator of the Como branch of Politecnico di Milano.




ComoNExT Parco Scientifico Tecnologico

Via Cavour, 2 – 22074 Lomazzo (Como)



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