Ciudad Viva: the construction of a democratic sustainability

In Science and Society

Nel corso del "Roma Electronics Forum", che si terrà il 21 Ottobre a Tivoli, Sviluppo Lazio, in accordo con Regione, ICE e Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico, presenterà un progetto di internazionalizzazione per le PMI nel settore della microelettronica.

Ciudad Viva is a citizen organization working for the construction of a democratic sustainability in local methods of urban planning. It’s main goal is defend human and civil rights, above all the right of citizens to participate to all the matters that affect them. It has worked extensively in urban design integrating policies for pedestrians, cyclists and disabled people.

In 2000, after four years of intense activity as the Coordinator No a la Costanera Norte, 25 community organizations representing groups of La Vega, tenants, artists, residents and other active groups, founded Ciudad Viva.

Nowadays, Ciudad Viva is a recognized force on urban issues. It has a circulation of 20,000, distributed free throughout the city to children, cyclists, seniors, women and others involved in planning issues, environment, social justice and active transport. It’s based on four principles:

Participation is growing together

– Recycling for a better life, considering the waste problem as a social and environmental issue;
– Transportation equity, focusing on systems-human powered transport and public transport;
– Tangible and intangible, as key sources of identity that should guide plans for the present and future;
– Empowerment of citizens and especially their organizations, collective spaceswhere critical consensus building.

The organization participate into the development of a theory of urban ecology and the basic principles that make posible to build a sustainable society in a social and environmental way; it encourages special transport models that put people, not cars, at the center of the paradigm planning.

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