CCCB Lab: Research, Transformation and Innovation in the Cultural Sphere

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<p>The CCCB LAB is a new department of the CCCB dedicated to research, transformation and innovation in the cultural sphere, which dedicates special attention to the evolution of genres and formats and which works transversally with the other departments of the company.</p>

The CCCB LAB is the result of a series of creative, adaptive and productive processes that have defined the CCCB since its inauguration in 1994. It is the potentiation of a tradition of freedom, innovation and porosity that characterizes the evolution of the CCCB by means of exhibitions, debates, seminars, congresses, publications, festivals, work platforms, archives and new formats.


The CCCB LAB is a project of the CCCB within a complex, mixed and changing cultural scene where culture, art, science, information and knowledge are becoming the backbone of a new world, a new economy and a new society.



– To develop a line of experimentation on virtual and presential formats that facilitates the evolution of the activities of the CCCB.

– To create and consolidate projects of own production that incorporate the innovations developed by the department, making them extendible to other departments of the CCCB.

– To promote the creation of networks and alliances with groups, institutions and companies that favour research and innovation in the cultural sphere.

– To activate the study of key themes from the current phase of the Knowledge and Information Society.

– To introduce new internal methodologies of work which boost the processes and incorporate functioning criteria coming from social networks and collaborative digital technologies.

– To propose new instruments for the reception of projects, converting the CCCB into a catalyser of network initiatives.

– To prepare and carry out reports of critical assessment of the trends of the globalized cultural scene.

– To increase public and be accessible to new remote presential audiences



Montalegre, 5 – 08001 Barcelona (Espana)





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