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Rome Gallery Tours: Your Private Tour of Contemporary Art Galleries in Rome

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Rome Gallery Tours is an independent service that allows you to visit the best artistic proposals of contemporary art galleries in Rome. For fans who want to spend some hours discovering the exibitions of italian and international artists in private galleries or for collectors interested in evaluating artistic proposals of the galleries, they are happy to accompany you.

Tecnopolis: programs for the Apulian ICT regional administration

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Tecnopolis promoted and now is managing the science and technology park Tecnopolis Novus Ortus located in Valenzano (Province of Bari, Puglia). From August 1, 2008  is a in-house company with the mission to design and manage programs for the ICT regional administration.

RadialSystem V: New space for arts in Berlin

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Situated in the urban centre of Berlin, the centre currently functions as a cultural centre where new ideas ‘radiate’ out in all directions. The basic thought of the concept of dialogue is openness (as opposed to restriction): for new forms, unconventional ideas, an interdisciplinary approach, unexpected fusions, and surprising insights.

Arte Cultura e Salute: un approccio bio-psico-sociale

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Con l’avvento della medicina scientifica, la malattia si è via via sempre più “molecolarizzata”, separandosi dal contesto sociale e trasferendosi in luoghi in cui oggetto dell’attenzione è la malattia di un organo e non la cura della salute della persona. Le attività artistiche e culturali organizzate negli ospedali sono ritenute positive dagli stessi artisti, dagli operatori culturali e sanitari, dai malati e dalle loro famiglie per gli effetti benefici.

Barcelonactiva: for a future oriented city

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Barcelona Activa promotes quality and future oriented employment and businesses through seven activity lines included in its Action Plan.Created in 1986, this municipal company was born as a business incubator with 16 projects installed.  Today, Barcelona Activa has become a local and international reference in the support for entrepreneurs, innovation, professional improvement and creation of employment.

PITA: food technologies and renewable energies

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The Almería Science and Technology Park (PITA) is born of a prime objective to become a driving force behind the economic growth of the Almería province and its primary sectors, a mission which is based on the promotion of knowledge transfer and the consequent implementation of new technologies that facilitate continued growth. Its focuses primarily on the development of the agricultural sector and other activities related to food technologies, the environment and renewable energies.