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<p>mediba is a mobile advertising company, providing the Ad network for Smartphone "mediba ad". "mediba ad" is the leading Ad network for Smartphone in Japan. Fine media and apps join to "mediba ad" including apps which join to "au one market" ,being operated by KDDI. </p>

The company collaborates with tens of Ad network companies not only in Japan but also abroad and build the global platform around Asia region through Ad exchange.


mediba, is the result of the convergence of the words ‘build’, ‘boom’, and ‘bonds’. which means building new media, creating a boom, and strengthening the bonds between mobile media users and society.


The mission is to continuously develop and deliver unique value, unavailable through other media, to advertisers and corporate customers via their mobile phone base, my portal au one. They’ve established a foundation of trust with mobile phone users, by providing high-quality, attractive services and information.


Using their experience and expertise, their vision is to actively work to develop new and unique services which inspire users. It is important to actively pursue ideas and transformation.



Izumi Garden Tower 8F,1-6-1,Roppongi,Minato-ku
Tokyo – JAPAN – 106-6008
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