BCNTouch: NFC technology and QRcode for Wine Marketing

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<p>The startup BCNTouch and the Torres winery presents Treasure Hunt with TouchActive , a game where participants can get product information with their mobile phones and share it on social networks.</p>


Items purchased can be identified with a unique tag that contains information relevant to consumers. This is the NFC technology, which will be incorporated into nearly 200 million mobile devices during 2012, and that allows the reading of labels in order for consumers to exchange information easily and immediately.


In 2012 the startup BCNTouch returns to the Mobile World Congress to present the TouchActive platform based on NFC and QR codes. TouchActive reads the labels and captures key data for the user to remember the product that they tried once, for example, or that someone has recommended.


Once the product is accessed, you can arrange it in a list and share it on social networks. For brands, the advantage is real-time information of their campaigns and the possibility to modify their projects adapting them to consumer preferences. BCNTouch will make a demonstratation at the congress along with the company Torres and their wines.


This year BCNTouch plans to boost its internationalization and launch commercial developments in retail and outdoor advertising with major brands.


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Source: Press Kit Generalitat de Catalunya

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